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Race teams are the heart of Triangle Pushcart. And Triangle Pushcart hearts them back. Come race!

Team Size

You only need you, and two other people to form a race team, but don't feel like you have to stop at three. Add as many as it takes to keep your team running fast. And if winning's not your thing, bring a bigger team to cheer you on when you're pulling up the rear. You'll need at least one person to drive, one person to push, and one person to assist your driver and the Pushcart Tow Crew in hauling your cart up the hill from the finish line.


Pushcart race teams make up the event's primary source of fundraising, with each race team taking on a $1,000 fundraising goal to gain elegibility to enter and compete in the races, and ultimately to hog all the glory.

Race teams aren't complete without the following:

Race Cart

Each pushcart race team is required to prepare and bring their own race cart to race day. No worries if you've never built a race cart. Visit our carts page for where to buy carts and parts and more helpful information.


Our best estimate has these things racing at top speeds around 40 mph. And yes, the course has a speed bump. Wear a helmet.


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